Technical Services Manager (Witbank) OP103

My client, a leader in open-pit coal mining, is looking for a Technical Services Manager.

Purpose of the Job:

To lead and manage the Mine Planning, Survey and Geology Functions in order unlock value for shareholders by maximising the value of the asset

Min Requirements:

-          Tertiary Qualification in Mining

-          Mine Managers Certificate of Competency (MMCC)

-          MBA/MBL

-          NQF Level 5

-          CPA level of capability High III

-          Job grade: Paterson E-Lower

Skills & Competencies

-          Strategic Leadership

-          Promoting the Development of Other

-          Building & Maintaining Relationship

-          Decision Making

-          Approaching Work Strategically

-          Entrepreneurial Thinking

-          Decisiveness

-          Creating a Personal Impact

-          Planning and Organising

-          Initiating Change

-          Ensuring Quality

-          Personal Motivation

-          Cross Functional Awareness


Financial Management:

Prepare and plan for Departmental Budgets

  • Assist with Cost forecasting
  • Approve the Departmental budget and manage Departmental costs
  • Approve requests on GSAP (Service entries and requisitions)
  • Supply information for Contractor Scope Of Work
  • Provide detailed information and approve Capital Investment Project’s (NPV, IRR, etc.)
  • Deliver savings in line with the Benefits Capture System (BCS) Protocol
  • Ensure Corporate Governance
  • Ensure adherence to Financial Policies and Procedures
  • Protect Company assets

Customer Relations:

Render the right service first time

  • Manage relationships with key stakeholders
  • Interact with customers and familiarise yourself with operational concerns and any inherent peculiarities (e.g. HSECQ & ISO issues)
  • Liaise with relevant stakeholders regarding the Mine Plans:
    • Finance for budgeting purposes
    • Geology for reconciliations of Qualities
    • Customers with respect to Quality Control


Approve and ensure the use of any new or changed documentation taking into account HSECQ and functional requirements

  • Manage HSECQ Performance Reviews
  • Review and authorise changes in accordance with the Management Of Change process
  • Manage the Continuous Improvement and promote the understanding, use and application of the HSECQ Management System
  • Identify applicable legislative requirements that have an impact on the function
  • Comply with HSECQ, legislative and functional requirements and use the Red card System for unsafe acts
  • Ensure the effective management of contractors
  • Report and investigate all HSECQ incidents
  • Conduct Workplace Safety Observations and Planned Task Observations
  • Manage the requirements of the Fatal Risk Control Protocols
  • Comply with the requirements of the Disciplinary Code
  • Manage Emergency Preparedness and Response within the Function
  • Ensure compliance with PPE requirements
  • Assist Environmental Dept with required services (Survey, Costing, 2nd opinion)


Provide Strategic and Change Leadership to the Planning Team

  • Align Strategy to customer business requirements and to regional and global Planning strategies

Planning Management:

Develop and compile the:

    • Resource Development Plan
    • Life Of Mine Plan
    • 5 Year Plan
  • Reduce the 2 Seam mining losses

Policies and Procedures:

Develop, align, approve and implement Planning Policies, Management Standards, Procedures, Protocols, Guidelines and Toolkits at Departmental Level

Annual Planning:

Develop, compile monitor and review the Annual Plan

  • Manage the Annual Plan approval process

Quarterly Planning:

Monitor and review the Quarterly Plan

Monthly Planning:

Monitor and review the Monthly Plan

  • Reconcile monthly production and adjust plans accordingly

Planning Sequence:

Determine the scope and parameters of the Plan based on market requirements

  • Conduct pre and feasibility studies
  • Conduct a financial analysis
  • Analyse and interpret planning information and make recommendations
  • Optimise the Life Of Mine Model
  • Summarise tonnages, volumes and qualities from the Life Of Mine Plan


Develop Financial Forecasts and Models


Comply to internal and external audits (HSEC, FRPC,ISO, GAS, 15 STDS)

  • Comply with Head Office audits (Life of Mine Plan)


Compile quarterly and annual reconciliations (Budget, Forecast and Actuals)

  • Compile Planning and any other information as required (budgets, unplanned work, Head Office, etc.)

Business Improvement:

Drive Technical and Planning OE Projects

  • Research Best Practices to optimize the Technical and Planning processes
  • Remain in the forefront of latest developments in the Technical and Planning processes and evaluate new processes/ideas for improvement

People Management:

Lead and manage the Department

  • Plan, organise and allocate work
  • Compile Team and Individual Performance Agreements in line with KPI’s
  • Conduct Performance and Talent Management Reviews
  • Reward excellence and manage substandard performers
  • Identify Talent and manage individual careers
  • Update IDP’s,  Talent Management Profiles and Green Organograms/ Performance Matrices in line with Performance Reviews


-          The successful candidate must be able to obtain a certificate of medical fitness

-          The appointment will be made in line with company’s transformation commitments and in alignment with the BEE Act (53/2003)

-          Assessment may be one of the methods utilized to determine the successful candidate


Highly Negotiable

Forward CV to and type the job title you applying for in the subject line!

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